BTnet Pricing Updates for 500Mb and 1Gb Bearers

Don’t forget BT’s special offer on larger BTnet circuits is still on.

As part of BT’s drive to offer more affordable high bandwidth internet access to its customers, BTnet are introducing a wide range of discounts across our 500MB and 1Gb access circuits. This price change delivers big decreases in standard annual
rental charges for all port speeds on all contract terms on both the 500Mb and 1Gb bearers.  These changes went live as of Monday 29th September 2014

As an example this means for 1Gb Local Access services, standard pricing for annual rentals has decreased, on average, by 30% making it possible, as standard, to now get 1Gbps of bandwidth on a 3yr term for 35% less than our previous standard price (£51,
000 – £33,000 p.a.) Note that this is slightly more than the very specific special offer which was running before on maximum 500 on 500Mb and 1Gb on 1Gb options. However, these new discounts apply to all bandwidths across the bearer sizes, not just at the
maximum bandwidth so overall BT feel they are in a much better position to offer higher bandwidth services.

For more information please contact your Abtec Partner Services specialist.

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